Reflex – Together

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Video teaser Together – with remixes from Patlok , Boys Get Hurt and Ryan Riot
release date : June 17th by @continentalrecs
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Early dj support: The Magician, Lifelike, Mighty Mouse, Mark Moore/S-Express, Tronik Youth, Acid Washed, Pharaoh Black Magic, Jay Lamar et Jesse Oliver, Rambla Boys…

‘Flying through the night
We want some more
Breathing cloudy smoke
Fading by the door

We walk hand in hand
Screaming together
We’re your friend
Forever and ever’

French duo Reflex is back for its second single the thunderous ‘Together’ out 17th June 2013 TBC on Continental records.
Reflex is the unstoppable couple, based in the south of France near Montpellier, who erupted on the scene early 2012 with debut single ‘Wavering’ (and its ecstatic JBAG remix), a song one can only cherish fondly, just like priceless memories. Indie-dance? Electro-rock? Discopop? Who cares? You can hear influences, conscious or not, Chilly Gonzales, Italians Do It Better, Aeroplane, the synth pop classics and more. yet Reflex’s music claims nothing more than spreading balearic love for the soul. and the bodies on the dancefloor.

Yet Lud & André aren’t about reviving the 70s nor the 80s. If anything the past decades inspire them to be challenging, show that electronic music can still be exciting by offering people songs and emotions that aren’t simply formulaic. Ultimately their desired Mediterranean lifestyle, the sun, the sea. have only but galvanized their inspiration. The pair can’t get away from the studio, writing and remixing non-stop (they’ve lately given the Reflex touch to Black Strobe, Juveniles, Continental’s Shindu and Kill The Hero.). Always on the move, gigging or deejaying in clubs and festivals alike, they’ve just completed a 10 dates US tour which included SXSW, L.A., Vegas. and culminated in Hawaii.

As a result of all those late night outs, Reflex have decided to hit the dancefloor hard for their second single. ‘Together’ is gospel music according to The Haçienda’s evangelism – big piano breakdowns, hands-in-the-air, sweaty smiles abound. and the lead vocal celebrating the night away and beautiful newfound friendships. Dare we say housey? Oui, but à la Mancunian with a French twist please.

‘Together’ comes in four versions, the glorious original and 3 remixes from a solid international cast. First in line is Vancouver’s Pat Lok who gets the tech stabs out without losing any of the fluo groove. Next come Japan’s finest Boys Get Hurt who slow things down, bringing additional developments whilst remaining grand and epic. Last but not least Zurich dj on the rise Ryan Riot expressively takes the song into the euro zone.

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